• What do I have to bring to the boat?
    The documentation to formalize the contract (DNI or Passport or driving license); and €125 in cash, €100 for the deposit, which is returned if there is no incident, and €25 for fuel (whether you sail for 1 hour or more hours, we only charge €25 for fuel).
  • Can you fish from the boat?
    Fishing is prohibited on our boats.
  • Can pets get on the boat?
    Do not
  • How far in advance do I have to be at the boarding point?
    We recommend going 30 minutes in advance, because it takes a few minutes to give the relevant explanations.
  • Where can I park in Cala Galdana?
    In Cala Galdana when you go down towards the beach and arrive at the last roundabout (there is a tap on the left hand side suspended in the air), the entire area of ​​the roundabout to the right is public car parks. There are a few (few) minutes walk to the beach. This parking area in the middle of the season is usually very crowded, so we suggest you leave in advance.
  • Where is the boat picked up in Cala Galdana?
    We are in the same sand of the beach, at the end of everything; looking towards the sea on the leftmost part of the beach.
  • Can small children get on board?
    Yes, we have vests for children of all ages, but the age and approximate weight of minors must be communicated in advance.