The payment of the rent of the SunBoats boats supposes the acceptance by both parties of the prices and particular and general conditions established and in particular, the lessor undertakes to deliver the vessel object of the rental in the place, date and time specified in perfect condition of operation and the lessee to receive it at the same time, to take care of it during the duration of the rental and to return it in the place, date and time agreed. The lessee expressly declares that he has read, understood and accepts all the general rental conditions described in the general rental conditions and that he is familiar with the general and local maritime regulations in force.

1st) It is the landlord’s desire to deliver the boat object of the rental, and it is the desire of the tenant to receive it for rent, doing both in good faith.

2nd) The falsehood or deceit on the part of the lessee in any of the particular specifications of the present contract, will give place to the immediate cancellation of the same, losing the lessee the amounts delivered.

3th) This contract will not be valid until the landlord has received the payment for the agreed reservation and provided that said payment is made before the date specified in this document.

4th) Before the delivery of the boat, the lessor must have received the full price established, as well as the corresponding deposit. Payment can be made by Visa card.

5th) In the event that the lessee, for any reason, cancels this contract, he must pay the lessor the following percentages on the amount “Total contract” initially agreed:

  • With more than three months before the start date of the lease: 5%
  • With more than 1 month and less than three before the start date: 10%
  • With more than 3 days and less than 10 days before the start date: 50%
  • With less than 3 days before the start date: 100%
  • The lessor would proceed immediately to return the amounts received that exceed the percentages quoted.

6th) The lessor undertakes to deliver the boat in perfect working order and cleanliness, in the place, date and time agreed. In the event that, due to force majeure, among which the breakdown of the vessel may be, it can not be delivered, the lessor undertakes to inform the lessee immediately, as well as to use all means Humanly possible to solve the problem and / or try to find another rental boat of the same or higher category. In the event that the agreed conditions can not be complied with, the lessor will pay the lessee 10% of the amounts received as compensation for damages to the lessee, returning them immediately. The lessee undertakes not to make any additional claim.

7th) At the time of delivery of the vessel, the lessee will receive from the lessor the inventory with the detail of the material that is delivered to him, to lend his agreement or repairs to it. In the same way, the general and particular conditions of the insurance policy of the vessel will be delivered.

8th) The lessee will use and take care of the boat received and all its accessories following the good marine practices and will put all the means so that there are no losses, accidents or breakdowns.

9th) In the event of an accident or breakdown, the lessee must contact the landlord by telephone as soon as possible, and in the case of not being able to do so and require immediate action, he will do what the good practices recommend at that moment. sailors, thinking about the safety of the people in their charge and the boat. In the event that you proceed to hire the repair, you must request an invoice in the name of the lessor, so that it proceeds to reimburse it when disembarking. If the breakdown is not due to misuse of the boat made by the tenant and can not be solved soon, the lessor will return to the lessee the proportional part of the rent not enjoyed, without the lessee can make any claim for damages . However, the landlord will make all possible arrangements, aimed at finding another boat so that the tenant can continue his vacation sailing.

10th) The boat has an insurance policy contracted with the company MAPFRE ESPAÑA COMPAÑÍA DE SEGUROS Y REINSEGUROS S.A. with coverage for accidents both of the vessel itself and of civil liability and of occupants with the specified limitations, in the general and particular conditions of the policy.

11th) In the event that an accident occurs and that for any reason the insurance company does not take responsibility for all or part of the damages, expenses or civil liability incurred, the lessee must face all of them at his expense, expressly releasing the landlord from any liability.

12th) In the event that the lessee wishes to extend the rental period, he may do so with the previous consent of the lessor and agreeing new conditions for the extension period. The delay in the delivery of the vessel on the indicated day and time will have a penalty, which the lessee will pay the lessor, of 50 euros for each hour of delay. In the event that the boat is left in a different place from the agreed one, the lessee must pay the lessor all the expenses, damages and losses that this may cause.

13th) In the event that they are going to embark children, they must notify the landlord in time to replace the life vests for adults, by those appropriate for their size.

14th) The bail received by the landlord before boarding, serves to respond to any damage, loss, theft or theft of any object not covered by the insurance company, or the delay in the return of the boat. However, if the amount resulting from any of the indicated cases exceeds the amount of the deposit, the lessee will be obliged to pay the difference. The bond will be returned to the tenant, once the condition of the boat has been checked and the inventory and repair has been made, if necessary.

15th) At the time fixed in this contract for the return of the vessel, the personnel and their luggage must be landed, leaving the vessel ready for review by the lessor. Both parties will proceed to the signature of the revision document with the agreement or objections that may exist. In the event that there are discrepancies, the landlord will retain the amount of the deposit, until the matter is definitively resolved.

16th) The costs of supply, fuel, berths and crew, where appropriate, are the responsibility of the tenant.

17th) It is strictly forbidden to ship weapons, narcotics, contraband in general, merchandise, passengers and animals, as well as participate in regattas, commercial fishing and any activity sanctioned by the legislation in force.

18th) The subcontracting or subletting are also not allowed, the tenant committing to use the yacht only for himself, family, friends or personal, which in total may not exceed the number of people for whom the boat is dispatched.

19th) In the case of non-compliance with the rules established by the maritime and / or customs authorities, the responsible will be the skipper of the vessel and, secondarily, the lessee, expressly releasing the lessor from any responsibility. In the event that for reasons attributable to the lessee, the skipper or the crew, the vessel is retained or sealed by any type of Authority and that, consequently, the lessee does not return the ship to the lessor on the date set forth in the contract, they will be application the amounts that the lessee must pay to the lessor for delay that are specified in clause 13. Any fine or sanction received by the lessor and related to the use of the rented boat for the period of the lease shall be borne by the lessee.

20th) The parties agree that any litigation, discrepancy, question or claim resulting from the execution or interpretation of this contract or related to the rent specified therein, will be resolved by the courts of Ciutadella of Menorca.